Introduction: 3d Printed Lamp With Fusion 360 3d Splines

I have never used 3d splines on Fusion 360 before. I want to learn how to use them so when I saw this contest I think this was the perfect opportunity to test this out. I want to design a lamp and 3d print it on my kossel 3d printer. This is the result and I have to say I am really pleased with the result.

I work on a mac with fusion 360.


Mac with fusion 360
3d printer
PLA plastic
Light bulb
Light bulb socket
Cable (I use a nice white one instead of a regular cable)

Step 1: Designing on Fusion 360

As i wrote n the last step I have never used 3d splines on fusion 360 before, but when I try the, i have to say it was a really nice experience, I thought this was going to be harder (i have use 3d splines on another 3d softwares at the past), but it was really easy and intuitive.

The way I design the lamp was to made a 2d spline, the move the nodes with the move tool in 3d space. Then I made a square and extrude along the path of the 3d spline. I use an angle to make it look more natural. At the end I just copy the result solid in a circular pattern, then mirror the same solid and repeat the circular pattern operation.

Step 2: Slicing the Model

I use slic3r and repetier to slice the stl model and send it to the printer.

Step 3: 3d Printing the Lamp

I 3d print the part on white pla on a kossel flsun delta 3d printer.

You can see a timelaps of the print in here:

Step 4: Tests and Dents

It took some part to test the print. One time I was 6 hours into the print and electricity go away for 20 seconds. This was enough for octoprint to loose track of the print and the printer stop. After some tests and hours of printing finally I end one print.

Step 5: Putting All Together

I took the lightbulb socket and the extension cord I use as cable and assembly all in place.

Step 6: Finally

Finally I plug in the lamp to see its light. I think is a good idea to use a led lightbulb to prevent overheating but putting that aside I’m really pleased with how the lamp turn out.

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Thanks for reading this instructable.

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