3d Printed Lawn Scarifier Attachment for Strimmer

Introduction: 3d Printed Lawn Scarifier Attachment for Strimmer

This is my 3d printed lawn scarifier attachment for a petrol strimmer. I needed a lawn scarifier to remove the moss for a neglected lawn and this is what I came up with.


Printed in black PLA+

Tines made from polyester greenhouse wire

Step 1: SketchUp Model

The 3d model was produced using SketchUp, I went for a 6 spoke design to reduce print time while maintaining strength.

Step 2: The 3d Print

Printed with my CR10-S and taking a little under 11 hours to complete.

Print Settings :

0.2 mm Layer Height

20% Infill

3 Wall/Top/Bottom layers

Design is available on here : www.thingiverse.com/thing:4273457

Step 3: Cutting and Forming the Tines

The scarifying tines are cut to length (14cm & 24cm) and formed into a u shape with a 2 cm base to match the hole pitch.

I tried two lengths to see which worked best.

Step 4: Assembling the Scarifier

The printed wheel was then attached to the strimmer, with the addition of a large steel washer to spread the load. Once attached I inserted the pre-formed tines.

Step 5: Trial With Long Scarifier Tines

The trial with the longer tines didn't go well. Even running the strimmer a half speed the tines flattened out with the centrifugal force.

Step 6: Using the Shorter Scarifier Tines

With the shorter tines inserted and running the strimmer at half speed it worked really well, as can be seen by the pile of moss produced.

For more details of the build visit


Step 7: A Video of the Scarifier in Action

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