Introduction: 3d Printed Snowflake Decorations

Have you ever needed to make your mother in law or other relative a last minute present or decoration for the holidays? Here is your solution! Here is a simple set of snowflakes that work on pretty much any 3d printer, and I will include a file for a laser cut version as well. They can be easily customized to have names or other pieces.

Step 1: "CAD"-ing It Up!

I used Rhino 5 to make my model, so the end result is a .3dm model. However I will include some .stl's as well for printers!

Step 2: Print or Cut!

This is awesome because you can either 3d print them, laser cut them, or send them to a normal printer and cut them out on paper. It's a super simple super sweet snowflake design for a last minute gift!

Step 3: Decorate!

Add a simple wire hook and enjoy! Put 'em on a tree, hang 'em from a wreath, or dangle them in front of windows! Your choice, have fun!

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