Introduction: 3d Printed Turning Lamp

In order to make full use of the wasted heat energy, we set a lamp cover above the lamp body that can hold the essential oil. In addition, the turning light let the colorful lights more dazzling, more beautiful when we used.

Step 1: Scheme Design

(1) Set a flower flat cover to hold oil or just a flat.

(2) A flat cover is added to the top of the body and the length is slightly greater than the height of the body.

(3) connect the lampshade with motor. So that, the motor can rotate with the Lampshade.

(4) Make a square hole in the center of the bottom of the lamp holder to stuck the motor. (5) Set a base on the bottom of lamp in order to fit into the main board.

Step 2: Make Models

1. Select materials and tools

Tools: 3D printer
Material: pla or abs

Number Name Size (unit: mm) Amount

1 Flower cover r=43 1

2 body r=55 1

3 base 92×92×88 1

5 Motor N20 motor gear motor 1

6 MPU Arudino promini 1

7 light WS2812/5v Less than 150mm

8 power Usb power supply 1

Step 3: Fusion 360 Modeling

The flower cover is flat .the size of the lamp's body needs to match the cover.

there is a stand which has four holes to connect to the motor.

the hole of the lamp's bottom is in the central need to match the size of motor.

then, you can make some decorations in the body.

Step 4: 3d Print

To print 4 parts. At first, the printing of the base was broken, because I found that the hole in the middle was a little large. Later, I adjusted the size of the rotating part to ensure that the thickness of the thinnest was more than 2mm, and the printing was successful again.

Step 5: Assembling

Firstly, to install the flange plate. then, install the motor into the hole of the bottom. to install the light strip at the edge of the bottom. finally, to install the flange plate on the motor. The motor must be leveled, otherwise the lampshade cannot rotate evenly.

Step 6: Coding

To program by using Arduino, you can use PWM to speed the motor.

With programmable light strip, you can program to achieve neon effect, realize color change, or flicker, etc.

Light strip programming is included in the reference program.

Don't forget to add a switch for control.

Step 7: Finally

It might be useful for a dance,or

add essential oil to the flower cover, and close your eyes for a while.

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