3d Quilled Miniature Pair of Slipper

Introduction: 3d Quilled Miniature Pair of Slipper

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Hello everyone.We made this cute miniature quilled slippers.

For a quick video tutorial check this out:-

Step 1: Preparing the Base of the Slippers

First of all take a piece of cardstock and cut out two exactly same foot outlines(size depends on you).Repeat the same 4 times on a colored paper.

Then glue two coloreed pieces on each side of the cardstock.

Your base is ready.

Step 2: Making the Coils

Now cute small thin strips that are 4cm long.Make coils.And then glue them on the base.

Step 3: Decorating

After gluing the coils on the base,add few small strips around for the straps.

Add a bow for decoration and you are done:)

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