4cubed - 3d Printed Connect4 in 3 Dimensions! (files Attached to Make Your Own)




Introduction: 4cubed - 3d Printed Connect4 in 3 Dimensions! (files Attached to Make Your Own)

I'm a digital artist, sculptor and general dogsbody, always interested in a bit of DIY fun!

I've posted a couple of instructables showing the sculpture and archeological work I use 3d modelling and printing for at work so I decided it'd be good to post something I've done in my spare time. Since it's a personal project it means I can post the stl's up too so you guys can print one of your own if you like.


A friend of mine and I recently played connect 4 for the first time in years. We both loved it as kids but coming back to it as adults made us realise how clever the game design is. Playing it with a grown up head on you begin to plan 5, 6, 7 moves ahead and it becomes much more strategic.

After playing (for hours!) we decided to try and come up with a new version of the game which could be played in 3 dimensions. Leading to even deeper tactical thinking and a way of improving 3 dimensional spatial thinking. (Good for 3d modellers like myself!)

We found this game Foursight online, have a go of it. It's good, but tricky.

After playing about on this we figured it would be even more fun played using a physical game board as gravity would be brought into play; meaning each column would have to be filled from the bottom up. We came up with the design, built a cheap prototype and played it (lots). It's a tricky game but good fun.

We plan to maybe manufacture for sale at some point but at the moment funds are rather low! Until we can afford to go into production here is the stl files for a basic game board and counters. I have to warn you I couldn't find anywhere that could print transparent plastic for an affordable price. If anyone prints out their own version I'd definately appreciate any feedback on how to improve the design. Of course, winning a 3d printer for printing some high quality prototypes and iterations would definately help too!

To print:

The files are ready to be printed but colours must be specified to the printers. The base is black with transparent verticals, the counters are transparent cubes with coloured spheres inside. You will need 64 all together in 2 colours, 32 of each colour.

To Play:

Each player starts the game with 32 counters, they take it in turns to place counters into the game space, dropping them in from the top. The winner is the first player to 'connect' 4, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. 

Pics attached provide examples of winning connections.


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    10 years ago on Introduction

    We had this game when I was growing up: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/3656/score-four


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I was wondering if there were any versions around already. Thanks for linking to the original version. I'll take a look.