Introduction: 3d Printed Leatherstamp Designs

About: I'm a graphic tattoo designer from Holland, specialized in tribal Polynesian designs, like Samoan, Maori and Marquesan styles. I also like 3d printing and other crafts like leatherwork and making knives.

I have been working with leather for a year and as a designer I love to create my own tools.

There are a lot of different leatherstamps, but to make some unique patterns, I decided to create a set of 3d printed stamps.

First the pattern was drawn in Illustrator to see how it would look on a flat surface. Once I was happy with it, I opened Google Sketchup and imported the vector files, and turned it into 3d shapes:

Step 1: 3d Leatherstamp Designs in Google Sketchup

Here you can see the different leatherstamps converted into 3d shapes.

The first one shows a digital design of a Craftool 502 inspired stamp

The second is a Hexagon/Honeycomb shape that has a bit of a 3d cube illusion

The third leatherstamp is a square basketweave pattern, I personally like this one best :)

The last 3 designs are all basket weaving stamps in different sizes and shapes.

Step 2: Tool to Punch 3d Printed Leather Stamps

To punch the stamps into the leather, I designed a basic tool with a 6mm hole, that perfectly fits the cylinders on the back of the stamps.

Step 3: Rendered and Printed 3d Leatherstamps

Here's an overview of the uploaded 3d stamps. There's a range of colors available, but I decided to go with the basic white color.

In the next step you can see how the stamps work on a piece of leather.

Step 4: Final Result of the 3d Printed Leatherstamps

And here are some nice photos of the stamps, punched with the tool that comes with it.

If you want to see more stamps, please visit my shop: 3d printed leatherstamps

Any questions or comments? Please let me know.

I made an additional Youtube video to show you some more details on how the 3d models were designed

Cheers Mark