3d Printed Prescription Glasses.




Introduction: 3d Printed Prescription Glasses.

basically I broke my prescription glasses and luckily the lenses were still in good shape. so i decided hop on the Makerbot replicator 2.

the lenses are nearly impossible to CAD out correctly, so if you want the fast route. take aerial image of the lens and import it into your CAD system, take a few measurements, resize the image meticulously. Proceed to trace the lens with vectors. extrude the total depth of the lens with the curvature.included (about 5mm for me).  remember your doing this so you know how much space you need inside 2 tabs for a snap in.

basically my each lens is only tabbed in from the two sides, total of 4 tabs. you'll see in the pictures. for the front inner and outer side tabs, you will need want to use one millimeter wide.

for the back side you want to use 1mm for 0.5 mm for the inner tabs.

youll want to build it with the arms up, 10% fill, 2 shells, 0.4mm stepover, 110 speed (shoulda went way faster) rafters and supports. took about two hours to make this @

Techshop in Detroit. ( www.techshop.ws )

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    im more interested in making lenses with a 3d printer.... thoughts?


    you should have designed them with a little hinge so that you can fold them.
    And they need a nose piece because eventual the top of your ears are going to get raw from the glasses sliding back and forth on them. ( My Government glasses fit like that)


    8 years ago

    Cool! Are they comfortable? Too bad for me I'm too far north to travel to Detroit.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Honestly I should have added fillets everywhere. but I wasn't thinking at the time, but the cool thing is you can use a lighter, heat gun, or even a soldering iron TO REFORM THE PLASTIC ANYWAY YOU LIKE! so yes they are now comfortable! my new prototype will have hinges