Introduction: 3d Printed Shest

During my lecture open design at the HRO we have the assignment to create a chest piece based on  your personal values.

Step 1: A Mind Map

Fist step was to make a mindmap about me. Here I found 5 items that I would keep in mind during the design. The 5 items I word with were: Travel, Curacao, board sport, Impulsive and Leiden (city in Holland).

We all get one specific chest piece I got the rook (tower).

Step 2:

The next thing I had to do was to come up with a design so I stated to sketch. My first idea was to create a wave but it was to complicated for 3d modelling as well for 3d printing. Especially if you know that this was my first 3d printing experience.

The next ting was a compass, I like to travel and the rook can only move in the north, east, south or west direction.

Step 3: Make the 3D Model

I’ve got the advice to create the piece is sketchup because I had no experience what so ever and this was very easy to get started with. During the modelling I got a hard time too make the letters on the side. When this was ready I exported the file to a special extension for 3D printing.

Step 4: Printing

The last step was to print the chest piece In the pictures you can see the settings that I have used.