Introduction: 3d Printer

About: hy me and my 3 friends have small workshop in basement. so there we develop our 3d printers first model is here on instructtables. . . . .

this is laser cutted 3d printer

we cut this on co2 laser cutter

it is made of 6mm plywood

printing area 18x17x14 cm

sd card reader

extruder gears made of plexiglass(you can cut it from plywood it is functional too )

nema 17 stepper motors 40 length

fan for cooling stepper drivers

we use 50w extruder heater 40w is functional too

bad heather is casual from ebay 7$

rail diameter is 10 mm other printers use 8mm but we designed this for 10mm work pretty better with 10mm rails

we are from Croatia so we ship to all EU countries

price is 500 € if you want finished product like in pictures or you can do it yourself . i posted dxf file with all parts including extruder. so to all people who will build this printer good luck if you have a problem ask me i will try to help you.

you need this parts:

wires,10 mm rails, 5 pcs nema 17 (40mm length ),1bed heater standard heater from ebay 20x20cm,1extruder heater,100 ohm ntc resistor,1 arduino,1 ramps,5 stepper drivers,2 fans you can use fans from old graphic cards,1 display with card reader also from ebay 13$,1heater aluminium block,20 pcs 688 bearings (8x16x5mm),3end stops,gt2 timing belt,10pcs lm 10uu bearings,12v pover suply, 3pcs 608 bearing.i think that is all,sorry if i forgot something.

Step 1: Printed Parts

this prints are 0,17 mm layer

pink and white prints are PLA and other objects are made of ABS

women is single wall

noozle 0,4mm

Step 2: Evolution Off Our Printer

i can t find more pictures right now but i will upload ... ..

Step 3: Cutting 3d Printer

this is our laser cutter it is DIY project

we have build this machine as you can see from design :P

it is 150w co2 laser

Step 4: Dxf File

download this and cut your self a printer it is like on picture

use 6 mm plywood

good luck with building

ask me if you have question about printer

Step 5: Firmware

i will send firmware to people who don t know how to make firmware just mail me :)