Introduction: 3rd Dimension Cases

This is a final, iPhone 5C phone case printed using the Divinci 3-D Printer.

Step 1: Compatible Computer

Find a computer, and then open your 3D printer's application. In this case, we were using
Rhinoceros which is compatible with our printer ( Davin Ci 1.0). Rhinoceros has a free 90 day trial, so if this is your first time using a 3D printing application, it is a good one to start with.

Step 2: Scale Your Phone Dimensions

Some programs have pre-made files you can download. Some have the ability to customize, others do not.

In this case, we downloaded a pre-made file for the Apple 5C. After downloading the file, we had to scale the file the actual phone size, which can usually be found on the webpage of the product maker.

Step 3: Save and Transport

Once finished scaling up and down, you need to save the final design into the program. Then move it to a safe location and connect to the 3d printer, usually wired.

Step 4: Test Run/Warm-up

Once connected, you should check all printer components to be sure everything is functioning properly while warming up the machine.

Step 5: Print

Once the machine has warmed up and is running a test piece, you may stop the current procedure and print your product. Your product will take some time to print and when finished should be left to sit and settle.

Before printing, you need to make sure your chosen color is loaded into the printer. Though some printers have the capacity to load different colors, our school's printer has three color selections: white, green, and yellow.

In this case, the actual printing of the phone case took approximately an hour and a half. After the printing was complete, we let is sit for around 15 minutes to make sure the plastic had set.

Step 6: Printing

The printing process is very interesting. The plastic comes in 'ribbon' format that is heated. As it heats, it is pressed onto the printing platform in the pattern you designed. It continues to layer until it reaches the appropriate dimensions. For this step, you may watch it or just leave it be while the creation happens.