Introduction: 3rd Person Motorcycle GoPro Mount

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This action camera mount will allow you to see yourself riding your motorcycle from the 3rd person perspective. You can see you and your entire bike as well as the environment around you. The mount is designed to be in line with your center of gravity so that it does not affect your riding.

Tools that I used: Basic welder, a metal band saw, center punches, metal cutting bits & a drill press, and a angle grinder with both a metal cutting disk and a flap disk/ wire wheel.

Materials needed: I used 1/4" steel plating for the bottom pieces and a 4ft 1" x 1" square steel tube to make the mounts. I also used some WD-40 to keep the drill bits lubricated and some cheap black spray paint to paint it once I was done. Screws/bolts that fit your motorcycle.

I have made a video on my YouTube Channel that shows some footage of me actually working on building this but there is very little commentary on my work. I'll link the video here somewhere if you are interested. I also have some footage that I got from the mount but I have not edited that yet so if you want to see that, subscribe to my YouTube channel to make sure you don't miss it ;)

Step 1: Step 1: Measurements and Planning

Not every motorcycle is made equal which means that you may or may not be able to do it how I have done it. Luckily I had a plate designed for carrying baggage which had 4 bolt holes. I measured the bolt hole pattern and then started designing a basic model around that constraint in fusion 360.

When I was grabbing my 1/4" plate and 1" x 1" tubing from Lowe's I also brought my carrier plate so I could figure out what screws/bolts to buy.

Step 2: Step 2: Cutting, Drilling & Mounting

I started by cutting out my plate, then lining it up with the carrier plate how I wanted it and then center punching the holes. Be careful that you match your bolt pattern or this will never attach to your bike!

Once I had my center punch marks and I felt confident that they were accurate, I started drilling my holes. I used a small metal bit to start off with and then built up to a hole that was big enough for my bolts. Another useful tip is to use oil while drilling, it keeps the bit from getting too hot and makes the whole process much smoother. Especially with worn out bits.

Once your holes are drilled, go ahead and mount your custom plate to the carrier plate. I used it to help line up the whole thing when I was welding.

Step 3: Step 3: a Little More Cutting, Drilling and Weld Prepping

Cut out the supporting tabs for your mount and drill any holes that you might want. I made the first hole a pivot point so that I could line it up how I wanted before welding on the second row of support tabs to make it permanent. I used a screw with a nut on the first pivot point so that I could tighten in down as well.

Make sure that you use a flap wheel or wire wheel to clean off all the places that you plan to weld on. Also remember to clean off a spot for the ground of the welder to connect to so that you are making a good connection.

Step 4: Step 4: Line It Up and Weld It Better Than Me

One all your tabs are cut out, use some clamps to line it up how you want it. Then you can tack weld them into place to make sure you are happy with it before completely welding it.

This is only my second time using the welder, I could use some practice for sure but if I can do it, so can you!

Step 5: Step 5: Paint It, Put the Thing on Your Bike and Get Sweet Footage!

After the welds have cooled, give it a couple coats with some cheap spray paint and call it good. Then once all your paint is dry, mount it on your motorcycle and go for a ride!

I used a simple clamp mount to secure my GoPro to the end of the pole.

I will try to post footage of me using the pole as soon as possible, check out my YouTube Channel if you are interested!!

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