Introduction: 3x3x3 LED Cube Arduino-UNO

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Are you interest to make your own 3x3x3 LED Cube???

Are you beginner doesn't matter

You’re following the correct steps. It’s simple and easy.

Let me show you how!!!

Step 1: What Do You Need

1x Arduino uno

27x LED’s (I use 3 colors, 9 of each color)

9x 220 Ohm Resistors

3x 22k Ohm Resistors

3x NPN Transistor (I use 2N2222)

1x Strip board


Step 2: Prepare the LED’s

Bend the LED pin as shown in the picture

Step 3: Make the LED 3x3 Matrixes

  1. Draw the diagram on a paper same as size given in picture(If your LED pins are short you can adjust the size given or may solder the wire)
  2. Past that diagram on piece of wood or plastic and drill the hole (red dot) I use plastic bottle.
  3. Putt the LED’s in to the holes shown in the picture and solder the negative pins.
  4. It is your first 3x3 matrix 2 more to go repeat the above step

Step 4: Add 3 3x3 Matrix Together

Put 1 3x3 matrix into holes and put another 3x3 matrix on top of it. In this case below 3x3 matrix positive LED pins should meet the top 3x3 matrix positive pins. A Bellow pictures gives your clear idea.

Step 5: Complete Your 3x3x3 Matrixes

Add final 3x3 matrix on top of two 3x3 matrix .I extend the positive pins of final 3x3 matrix because they are shorter than other LED’s

Step 6: Complete Your 3x3x3 Matrixes Video

Step 7: Make the Circuit Step 01

Take your strip board cut peace form it as measurement given in the picture

Step 8: Make the Circuit Step 02

Disconnect the copper lines shown in the picture which are color in green

Step 9: Make the Circuit Step 03

Solder the jumper wires shown in the picture

Step 10: Make the Circuit Step 04

Solder the 9x 220 Ohm Resistors shown in the picture

Step 11: Make the Circuit Step 05

Solder the 3x 22k Ohm Resistors shown in the picture

Step 12: Make the Circuit Step 06

Solder the 3x NPN Transistor shown in the picture

Step 13: Add LED Cube to Circuit

Put the 9 LED pins into red colored circle hole and solder it.

Step 14: Add LED Cube to Circuit Video

Step 15: Connect 3x3x3 LED Cube to Arduino

Cut same size 16 wires and solder it picture shown below (I use ribbon wire)

Pins go to Arduino

A – Negative (0v)

B – Arduino pin 13

C – LED Cube level 1 (light green wire)

D – Arduino pin 12

E – LED Cube level 2 (light green wire)

F – Arduino pin 11

G – LED Cube level 3 (light green wire)

H – Arduino pin 10

I – Arduino pin 09

J – Arduino pin 08

K – Arduino pin 07

L – Arduino pin 06

M – Arduino pin 05

N – Arduino pin 04

O – Arduino pin 03

P – Arduino pin 02

Step 16: Upload Code to Arduino

This is simple code .If you go through it you can understand how I am going to make design. Download the code and upload to Arduino.

Download Code here

Enjoy your work !!!!!!

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