3x4 LED Tower

Introduction: 3x4 LED Tower

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I was tired of led cubes, yea sure they are good looking and all. But what about the triangle, how can we leave the illuminati behind. So I decided to come up with tri-anga-tower!!!! Here is a short instructable I am about to write up. The basics are pretty similar to that to a cube but you get to save on an LED per layer. ;)

Step 1: Bits and Things You'll Need to Create It

- an Arduino, any will do...Me being a cheap ass, ended up buying a cheap ass replica from China when I was there. Yes, I live/used to live in China and could afford the ticket but not an original Arduino from Italy. Like who would want to fund the facists, right?!?! *ahem,Sarcasm* Let's carry on with the list now, shall we

- Arduino UNO x1

-LEDs, 3 per layer . I did 4 layers so, 4*3= 12 LEDs

-330 Ohm resistor x 3

-a protoboard

-wire to connect duh, the AWG doesn't make a big difference due to low current.

-soldering equipment

-external power supply/ USB 'B' cable to program/power the project

Step 2: Making a Layer

to make a layer for this tower, you need to follow the came wiring principal as the LED cubs. But, before you start joining the LEDs, make sure to *beep* diffuse the damn LEDs or buy LEDs already diffused. If not then it won't be as pretty as it should be. That being said,

all the negative(cathode) of the LEDs are soldered together, and the positive(anode) act as standoff's for the tower. Negative side would be the one with a sliced off edge next to the solid core wire off the LED.

Step 3: Making the Tower

Once you have soldered the desired number of layers, its time to put them together. I wanted it to be 4 layers because , well I wanted it to be. At this point I'd also like to mention, the android and iOS war in my life is very serious. iOS won't allow android to connect trough bluetooth or USB, that is why I'm not uploading the damned pictures yet. Hopefully I will remeber it and do it from the Glorious glorious android!!!!! soon enough.

Once you have made enough layers, connect all the positives as columns. and attach a wire for each layer. The layers will work as the ground source and the positive as the power supply end.

Step 4: Put It All on Protoboard

Once, you have made the desired number of layers put them all on a protoboard. Also you will be using the 330 ohm's resistor for the positive leads.



this is the way the final connections should be done to the main circuit.

Step 5: Connect It All to the Arduino

once the connections on the protoboard is done and checked, connect the wires to the arduino. Starting with layers from pin 3 on the board till pin 6 and from pin 7 to pin 9 for the positive of the protoboard.

PIN 3,4,5,6------->wire---------->arduino (negative)

PIN 7,8,9---------->330 resistor--------->wire---------->arduino(positive)

Step 6: Upload the Program on Arduino

Upload the file on to ardunio. ANd also cross check the connections and vola, you have a tri-angular-tower. Because Hail Illuminatie !!!!!! For further questions please feel free to asks them, I would try my best to answer them!! Enjoy the project and let know your thoughts about it.

Step 7:

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    Reply 4 years ago

    Yep, thank you. I'm currently working on something similar but with a different shape.


    4 years ago

    3 x 8 ? or 3x4.. a video would be nice


    Reply 4 years ago

    Hey, yes it's 3x4 not 3x8...a silly typo. Also here is the link for the video, although it has been embedded on the intractable