Introduction: 4 1/2 Foot Long Straight Sword

To make this sword you will need a 8 by 11 foam sheeting, masking tape, an exacto knife or hand saw, black spray paint (silver works too) and stick on jewels are optional.

Step 1: The Outline

You will need to find a large clear area so that you sheeting will fit on a flat surface. The next part of this step is to draw your outline. My partner and I suggest a colored highligter or something with color so you can see what you have draw. You also have to choose the type of sword, straight or curved, we choose the straight to start with.

Step 2: The Cutting

After you have drawn your outline you can begin the prosses of cutting out your sword. We suggest the hand saw becasue it makes the cutting got a little faster but if you don't have a hand saw an exacto knife will work just as well. After you cut out your sword, the side might be a little rough so if you have any sand paper, nail file or anything that might smooth the sides a little bit it will make it a lot easier to tape later on.

Step 3: Taping

Now once you have smoothed the sides some you should pick it up and just look at it from all angles. You might notice that the sword isn't very stable because it is so long. That is what the masking tape is for. You should go from the tip of the sword to the hilt with long strips so you can make it look most like a sword.

Step 4: Painting Time

Time to go outside! It's time to spray paint! We suggest you take a long sheet of paper so you do not get the paint all over your drive way or your grass, but if your going to re-paint that any way you do not need the paper. Now you have your taped sword, and spray paint. If you find that there is a little white tip or something on the push down button of the spray can, DO NOT TAKE IT OFF, unless you wish to have your hand covered in paint as well as over painting your sword. So just gently spray on the paint so that you don't soak it. If you are using the paper try to spray your sword at an angle so your sword does not dry to the paper.

Step 5: Bedazzle

Now you have a painted sword, almost done,YAY! It's time to bedazzle your sword if you want to.just take your jewels and place them on the hilt of your sword. if you want you can bedazzle the blade too or you don't have to bedazzle it at all, after all it is your sword.

Step 6: Finished

Last step. HAVE FUN WITH YOUR SWORD. You can use it for a play, chase your little sibilings with it, pretend your a pirate, sdo what you want with your 4 1/2 foot long sword!