Introduction: 4-AA USB Charger for Cellphones & MP3 Players

About: civil engineering student

Mabuhay! This instructable is a simple, portable and easy to use device. It is portable because I want my stuffs to be "on the go" anytime and anywhere -- especially during long travel and blackouts. It is a charger made for any kind of device or gadget that re-charges using USB charger like Apple iPod and Motorola and other phones. I don't have great knowledge in electronics so I made one without using capacitors, resistors and etc. Hope you like it.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Check out the photos.

The USB receptacle I used came from our broken CPU.

Step 2: Create a Housing/casing

Step 3: Test It

Check if it is connected properly and gives out as much as possible 5V, enough to charge cellphones and mp3 players.

I used 4 pcs. 1.2 V rechargeable batteries, for a total of 4.8V

See photos.

Step 4: Create Cover

Made of 1.5mm and 3mm sintra board.

See photos for details.

Step 5: Finish - Try It!