Introduction: 4 Bit Binary Adder

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Hello Everyone! Welcome to our first instructable! Today we are going to show you how to build a 4 bit binary adder with simple logic gates. This is a part of a series we are doing to make a functional calculator so stay tuned for more!!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

You first need to know the basics. I have explained them in detail in this video.

Step 2: Get Your Components!

You will need these for your build:

2 74ls86 ICs:

2 74ls08 ICs:

2 74ls32 ICs:

5 LEDs

A Mobile Adapter(5v)

Jumper Wires:


2 Dipswitches:

Some 370 ohm resistors:

Step 3: Assemble and Have Fun!

Assemble as told in the video above. Now by manually checking we can assure our self that we have successfully built a full adder for 4 bits. I hope you enjoyed this project!

Be sure to check our youtube channel for more! We will see you later with something new and amazing!