4-CH DIY 433 Mhz Module Transmitter {No Coding}

Introduction: 4-CH DIY 433 Mhz Module Transmitter {No Coding}

The instruction "4-CH DIY433 MHz module Transmitter {No coding}" introduce how to build simple four channel DIY transmitter using 433 Mhz Tx module.

Generally,this kind of devices in the market using for car/motorbike thief-alarm remote.We can apply them to control RC toy like cars,tracked robots,boats or even airplanes.It doesn't need any programmable controllers or coding sketch.The wireless modules are small and light,good for using to control tiny ground toys,park flyer planes or replacing old broken electronic toy remotes.

Step 1: Materials & Tools


1. 1 - 433 Mhz Wireless Remote Control Transmitter Module

2. 1 - Receiver anttenna

3. 1 - LED 4 mm.

4. 4 - Push button switch

5. 1 - Resistor 1 kOhm. 1/4 watt.

6. 2 - PCB DIY circuit board

7. Angle male pin header (2.54 mm. pitch)

8. Velcro tape

9. Electrical 26 AWG wires

10. Battery 3-5 V. (Nicad/1s-Lipo/Alkaline)

11. 4 - Bolt M2x8

12. 4 - Nut M2

13. 4 - Aluminum Spacer 2.5x6 mm.

14. Female pin header (2.54 mm. pitch)


1. Soldering gun

2. Soldering wire

3. Soldering paste

4. Screw driver

5. Wrench

6. Plier

Step 2: Remote Building

Electrical parts Installation

1.Installing each parts on the PCB as showing in the picture.

2.Connecting and soldering wires between each equipments as showing in the electrical circuit diagram.

Push button switches to Wireless module pins :





3.Gluing and paste velcro on both PCB and Battery.

4.Assemble another one PCB at the backside and fixing it with M2 Bolts+Nuts+2.5-Spacers.

Remote Binding

See instruction clip here

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