Introduction: 4 Nights in Nearfall

4 Nights in Nearfall is a hand crafted board game in which 4 players explore the infamous dungeon of Nearfall! Throughout the course of the game, players find helpful loot and strong weapons to battle off the monsters of the night. But as they near the end of the dungeon, outright mayhem erupts and the players find themselves in a battle to the death - except they are fighting each other. This game is not for the faint of heart.


These are the necessary supplies:

- a laser cutter (We used a GlowForge! No clue how others would affect final product, but I suspect it wouldn't change much.)

- a lot of medium draft board 12" x 20"

- multiple of each of these dice: d20, d12, d10, d8, d6, d4

- 8 small cubes 5/16" sides (We borrowed them from King of Tokyo. Thought about 3D printing some of our own though!)

- 6 player pieces (We borrowed them from Forbidden Island. Considered 3D printing some of these as well)

- some paper

- a color printer

- a pouch

- wood glue

- scissors

Step 1: Laser Cut the Items


The items are the circular tokens that the players get when they enter a new room. To create the items on Glowforge, first upload the "Item Edge" (Item_Edge.SVG) file to Glowforge. It is already sized correctly, but if anything gets changed, it is supposed to be a circle with a 1" diameter. Copy the image on Glowforge and paste it, and repeat until there are enough "Item Edges" for each item. (This will take multiple sheets of Medium Draftboard for just the items, thus it will also require multiple cutting "sessions").

The circles should all be set to cut, where the files below should either be set to engrave (for PNG) or score (for SVG).

After that, upload the .svg and .png files of the art for the specific items. Here is a list of the items:


1. 2x Shortsword (Shortsword_Image.PNG)

2. 2x Longsword (Longsword_Image.SVG)

3. 2x Dagger (Dagger_Image.PNG)

4. 2x Spear (Spear_Image.SVG)

5. 2x Battleaxe (Battleaxe_Image.SVG)

6. 2x Warhammer (Warhammer_Image.SVG)

7. 2x Shield (Shield_Image.SVG)

8. 2x Mace (Mace_Image.SVG)

9. 2x Club (Club_Image.PNG)

10. 2x Brass Knuckles (Brass_Knuckles_Image.PNG)

11. 2x Rapier (Rapier_Blade_Image.SVG & Rapier_Hilt_Image.SVG)

12. 2x Whip (Whip_Tail_Image.SVG & Whip_Handle_Image.PNG)

13. 2x Bow (Bow_String_Image.SVG & Bow_Frame_Image.PNG)

14. 2x Crossbow (Crossbow_String_Image.SVG & Crossbow_Frame_Image.PNG)


1. 2x Sharpened (Sharpened_Upgrade_Image.SVG)

2. 2x Spike (Spike_Upgrade_Image.SVG)

3. 2x Poison (Poison_Upgrade_Image.SVG)

4. 2x Chain (Chain_Upgrade_Image.SVG)

5. 2x Crossguard (Crossguard_Upgrade_Image.SVG)


1. 3x Fire (Fire_Trap_Image.SVG)

2. 3x Acid (Acid_Trap_Image.SVG)

3. 3x Spike (Spike_Trap_Image.SVG)

4. 3x Dart (Dart_Trap_Image.SVG)


1. 8x Chain (Chain_Texture_Image.SVG)

2. 8x Metal (Metal_Texture_Image.PNG)

3. 8x Leather (Leather_Texture_Image.PNG)


1. 10x Health Potion (Potion_Bottle_Image.SVG & Potion_Liquid_Image.PNG)

2. 9x Bandage (Bandage_Edge_Image.SVG & Bandage_Middle_Image.PNG)

3. 10x Antidote (Antidote_Image.SVG)

4. 20x 3 Arrows (Arrow_Fletching_Image.SVG & Arrow_Head_Image.PNG)

There should be total of 123 Items. If you don't have that amount, count them, and recut any missing items.

Step 2: Laser Cut the Tiles

Next, the tiles need to be cut. The tiles consist of 3 parts: the base (3" x 3" square), the corners, and the walls. If nested properly, 18 bases should be able to fit onto one 12" x 20" draftboard. There is one unique tile that represents the starting tile. It has two corners and one extended side to represent the dungeon entrance.

1. 49x Bases (Room_Base.SVG)

2. 582x Corners (1_Corner_0_Side.SVG)

3. 225x Walls (1_Edge_0_Side.SVG)

4. 3x Entrance (Entrance_Wall.SVG)

Step 3: Glue the Tiles

This next step takes days to complete. Take the corner pieces and divide them into stacks of 3. Cleanly glue each stack of pieces, then glue 4 onto each base, on the corners.

For the walls, divide them into stacks of 3, and glue the stacks. DO NOT GLUE THE WALLS TO BASE. They are meant to be removable.

Step 4: Laser Cut the Character Boards

This step is complicated:

Insert the Character Board Top (Generic_Player_Board_Top.SVG) and Bottom (Generic_Player_Board_Bottom.SVG) into Glowforge and place one over top of the other perfectly.

Insert the designs for the character board and arrange the armor on the left, 4 copies of the backpack on the right, and two copies of the weapons at the top. Keep in mind that the PNGs will need to be resized according to their counterparts. These should be set to engraving (PNG) or scoring (SVG)

1. Helmet (Helmet_Shell_Image.SVG & Helmet_Inside_Image.PNG)

2. Shirt (Shirt_Front_Image.SVG & Shirt_Back_Image.PNG)

3. Legging (Legging_Image.SVG)

4. Boots (Boots_Image.SVG)

5. Backpack (Backpack_Image.SVG)

6. Weapon (Weapon_Image.PNG)

Move the Character Board Top away from the Bottom.

Insert the Categories (Player_Board_Categories.PNG) and resize it so that it fits nicely in the confines of the Character Board Top. The Categories will be engraved.

Repeat this 3 times, for a total of 4 Top and Bottom Character Boards. The Character Boards Top and Bottom should be set to cut, with the symbols engraved or scored

Upload these and cut them out with the Glowforge.

1. 2x Assassin/Alchemist (Assassin/Alchemist_Character_Image.SVG)

2. 1x Artisan (Artisan_Character_Image.SVG)

3. 2x Knight/Scholar (Knight/Scholar_Character_Image.SVG)

4. 1x Ranger (Ranger_Character_Image.SVG)

Lastly, print off the Character Printouts (Character_Printouts.pdf)

Step 5: Glue the Character Boards

Take the boards created in the last step and cleanly glue all 4 tops onto all 4 bottoms. If they were created correctly, the symbols engraved/scored on the bottoms should show through. Use scissors to cut out the paper characters and glue them onto their designated character boards. Use a pencil or other pointy object to poke a hole through each square, then push the 5/16" cubes through the squares. Cut the character stats out, using the following chart to determine their characters, and glue them vertically along the left side. Feel free to splice the paper further if there is not enough room.

1. Alchemist - Concoct

2. Assassin - Immune

3. Artisan - Create

4. Ranger - Scope

5. Knight - Armor

6. Scholar - Search

Step 6: Laser Cut the Miscellaneous Tokens

Upload the Token Edge (Token_Edge.SVG) and copy it just like in the first step. Set it to cut, if it isn't already. Upload the following files, setting them to engrave (PNG) or score (SVG). You have the option of doing front and back tokens. If you so desire, engrave one image, then flip the cut token over and mark the other side.

1. 2x Vault (Vault.PNG)

2. 2x Mimic Chest (Chest_Shell.SVG & Chest_Contents.PNG)

3. 5x Voice of the Angel (VotA_Image.SVG)

4. 5x Dread (Dread_Image.PNG)

5. 10x Reroll Die (Reroll_Die.PNG)

6. 10x Increment Effect (+1_Effect.PNG)

7. 10x Extra Die (Extra_Die.PNG)

8. 10x Poison Counter (Poison_Counter.PNG)

After you cut out those tokens, upload the three monster images (Monster_Edge.SVG, Monster_Face_Image.PNG, Monster_Head_Image.SVG) and make 32 copies of it. Insert all 32 of the numbered PNGs (1-32.PNG) and align them above the monsters eyes, but not so that the number crosses the edge of the token.

Step 7: Print the Rules and Enjoy!

Print the rules and enjoy!