4-Pointed Star

Introduction: 4-Pointed Star

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Origami Star Instructions
1. Make these creases, exactly in thirds. You may have to measure.
2. Now fold in half diagonally both ways, and open.
3. Fold along creases shown to points shown, and open.
4. Do the same creases but in the other direction.
5. Fold the left third inward. 
6. Using the creases shown, pull the corner from the point shown down to the other point shown, and flatten.  
7. Again using the creases as shown, move this point to the other point, and flatten.
8. Again, using the creases shown, move this point to the other point and flatten.
9. Move only the inside flap outside to the point shown.
10. Fold this corner down along crease shown.
when you have finished 4 Pointed Star, the picture is show on the top.

u can do this origami star using origami paper, I enjoy doing it so everyone you want to try to do this origami star, when you finish doing this comment and Attached Images that u done for this origami star ok.

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