4$ Super Cheap Quadcopter Aluminium Frame

Introduction: 4$ Super Cheap Quadcopter Aluminium Frame

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Quadcopters are the wonderful and emerging thing coming out of this 21th century. Every one want to have their own but the thing is most of us cant afford those expensive drones and can be found on online market stores. They cost many bucks and if got damage it hurts a lot. While flying and as a beginner i crashed mt drone to a wall and unfortubately my props and a expensive frame got damage,this could happen to you also and then i decided to make my own frame out some some basics stuffs even can be found in daily life.
So in this instructable i will show you how to make your own 4$(around) Super Cheap Quadcopter Aluminium Frame with just few basic parts and tools
Lets get started!

Step 1: Calculation Why 4$!

See as it will require very lest parts taht simply mean i cost less.So lets calculate this thing in simple way.

I brought:

Aluminium 12ft Rod = 3.56$
Now the the maths is for four arm i trim 4piece of 1.5ft rod from that 12ft rod . Hence we have reduced the cost and aslo save some aluminium too..:D

That is:

12ft/1.5ft=8 pieces(aluminium arms)

(Hence we can make 2 drone frame)

So finally 3.56$/2 farme units= 1.78$

Cost of aluminium arm for ine drone = 1.78$

1.78$ + Acryllic glass for base + Nuts/bolt + Washers=Around 4$
Hence around 4$..:D

Step 2: Lets Built!

Frame is made by using aluminium bars as shown in figure and for the base I used acrylic glass.

Reffer to figures and photos.Frame should be such that the arm of the drone is compatilbe with the propellers and the mid base for drone should not be over base area ,this will affect the thrust produced by the motor.

Use different kinds of tools such as file,drill,screw drivers,etc.

Step 3: Things You Need

Thing to built frame>>

1. Aluminium Bars

2. Acrylic glass/plate

3. Bolts and nuts

4. Steel washer

5. Rubber washer

6. Measuring Tape

Miscellaneous tools>>

1. Drill machine

2. Dremel tool

3. File

4. Hot Glue Gun

5. Screw driver

Step 4: Trim Aluminium Bars for Arm

The whole lenght of aluminium rod is around 12ft so let cut the pieces of 1.5 ft using hacksaw or any other suitable tool.

File the Sharpe edges of the rod to make them safe to handle and of equal length.

If Require Straighten them using Soft(wooden) hammer.

Let them dip them into acetone for more finishing touch(optional).

Step 5: Trim Acrylic Glass for Base

I used Acrylic glass as a Base. You can use any other things also like aluminium sheets, plastic/fiber sheets,etc.

Take measuring tape and mark two squares of 6 inches each and trim them off.

File them for smooth edges

Warning: Be carefull while handling the glass it may crack.

Step 6: Drill Holes

Drill holes as you can see in my photos. Use bench wise in order to support the aluminium rods and acrylic glass.

Make sure to use drill bit slightly bigger then the diameter of screws. This will save the glass to have a crack around the holes.
Now drill and drill.

Step 7: Insert Nuts, Bolts, Washer!

Insert Nuts, Bolts, Washer according to the series in the schematic. You can use hot glue to make them into their place.

Use screw Drivers to tighten the screws and bolts. Do not for get to insert rubber washer. This will increase the stablization of frame and also act as a small shock absorber.

Apply glue/two component adhesive on them and let then wet for a day.

Step 8: See What You Have Make!

You have made you own durable long life DIY - Quadcopter frame and you cant imagine how cheap it can be this.

You can now mount motors, controllers on them and also it let you to install gimbal over it. Paint them or install LED over them to mark front and rear side, Enjoy.:D

This marks the end of this instructable. Hope you liked it.

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Fell free to have any query.

Hope you liked my instructable.

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    3 Discussions

    ultra rc
    ultra rc

    4 years ago

    nice building, from experience I know that making the center frame section from acrylic isn't a very good idea, it is too brittle. It can break very easily especially when tightening bolts, and it won't survive any decent crash

    kavish laxkar
    kavish laxkar

    Reply 4 years ago

    that i know very well and it happened to me also....but i ll not suggest it for...racing one...but according to me this is best for beginners in cheap way.:D

    kavish laxkar
    kavish laxkar

    Reply 4 years ago

    that i know very well and it happened to me also....but i ll not suggest it for...racing one...but according to me this is best for beginners in cheap way.:D