Introduction: 4 Tier Bookcase

A custom bookshelf can be used as a beautiful place to display various items from books, trinkets, medals, statues and any other item in a home that one would want to showcase. This project was to build a bookshelf attached to a bench in a kitchen/breakfast area.

Step 1: Planning

I measured the area to obtain the dimensions of what could be built. Afterwards I went to the drawing board to determine which method I was going to use for construction. Then I determined the materials to be used and went to pick them up.

Step 2: Preparation & Setup

I removed any trim in the area to house the bookshelf. This was baseboard and chair rail molding. There was also an outlet I had to account for. Afterwards I setup the tools I would need and began working on the bookshelf.

Step 3: Construction

I began construction on the bookshelf cutting the sides, top and bottom pieces. After screwing them together I cut the shelves to the appropriate sizes and secured them in place. I did the bottom half first and put it in place to make sure the sizing was a good fit. Then I put the top together and cut the back piece to size and secured it. Afterwards I lifted it up into place.

Step 4: Trim

When everything was in place and patched I tried different pieces of trim to see what looked best in the room. I also had to account for an uneven ceiling. I decided to put crown molding around the top to 'hide' the gap. Then paint was applied.

Step 5: Finished

A finished bookshelf that fits into the overall design of the room beautifully.

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