Introduction: 4 Tips to Prepare Yourself for Race Day

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From a 1 mile to 100 miles these tips will be useful for all distance runners. Follow these steps to improve your body and your running time.

Step 1: The Two Day Rule

There is a common misconception that you should "carb up" the day before a race but this is just not true, it is smart to carb up two days before a race to prevent feeling bloated race day.

Step 2: Start a Little Slow

Make sure when running a race to start out a little slow. Let you body tell you how it's feeling and push yourself in the end.

Step 3: Avoid High Fiber Foods

Avoid high fiber foods the day before race day to prevent the need to use the restroom during the race. High fiber foods include Pistachios, Oranges, Bananas, and Avocados.

Step 4: Don't Try Anything New Race Day

On Race day do what you have proven to work don't experiment with new things on race day.

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