4 Track Cribbage Board



Introduction: 4 Track Cribbage Board

There's really nothing very special about this cribbage board. However, I thought I'd share an interesting find I had when creating it.

I created the track design using Sketchup. I considered a couple of options for how to transfer the track design to the wood. I thought about using old school carbon paper or printing the design onto clear plastic film with adhesive backing - neither option was going to give me the result I wanted. I made a call to a local commercial reprographics/printing shop to see if they had any suggestions. It turns out they have the capability to print directly onto the wood with black or colored ink. The cost for this service was less than $10. The track was printed along with a tiny "x" at all of the peg hole locations and reference markers every 5 holes along the track.

Materials used:

1 mahogany board


Duplex nails


Print contractor

Piano hinge



Table saw


Drill press

hand sander

Step 1: Pegs and Card Storage

Inside the box is room for two decks of cards and the pegs.

I try to create as much of the components of my projects as possible. For the pegs, I cut down standard duplex nails, filed off manufacturing marks and painted in four colors. I should have primed better and sprayed them instead of brushing - they may have held the paint better when banging around in the box.

Step 2: Enjoy

One suggestion I will make is to use a freshly sharpened or brand new drill bit when drilling the peg holes in soft wood, like mahogany. My first two holes tore out a little.

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