Introduction: 4 Uses for Broken Arrows

When you do a lot of archery breaking an arrow is bound to happen. Whether its you who shot the arrow or somebody else shot your arrow. For awhile, after an arrow broke I would just throw the pieces away. Then I got to thinking about what I could make with the pieces of the broken arrows. The four best things I figured out how to make were pens, coasters, crossbow bolts and a blow gun and now I will show you how to make them.

For the pen the steps are 3-5

The crossbow bolt are steps 6-7

The steps for the coaster are 8-11

The steps for the blow gun are 12-13

Materials are step 1

Some things to note are on step 2

Step 1: Materials

If you don't have any or enough broken arrow shafts but still want to make these you could try asking a local archery range if they have any that they would give you.

For the pen you will need:

The fletched part of a broken arrow

An easy to take apart pen


For the crossbow bolt:

The part where you insert the tip (insert) of a broken arrow

Arrow tip

For the coaster:

paracord or some other type of string

broken arrow shaft

For the blow gun:

Broken arrow shaft

projectiles(anything that fits in the shaft such as BB's)


hack saw, dremel, or arrow saw

marking device (pen, pencil, marker)

measuring device (ruler, tape measure)

scissors or knife (coaster only)

Step 2: A Few Notes

A very common type material used to make arrow shafts is carbon fiber. The problem is when the arrow is cut or broken the carbon fiber splinters leaving very jagged ends. In order to prevent cutting yourself, smooth the end by moving the jagged end back and forth on either a file,stone or sidewalk, a dremel can also be used for this.

I am NOT responsible for any damages caused.

Use caution when doing any part of this instructable

Step 3: Measure and Cut the Shaft for the Pen

I found that the best way to figure out where to cut the shaft is by holding the arrow right beneath the fletching (the feathers) as if you were about to write. Then using a hacksaw or arrow saw cut the arrow just past the ends of your fingers. I recommend using a marker to mark the spot where you want to cut.

Step 4: Adding the Ink

Take apart a pen and wrap the part that holds ink with tape until it tightly fits into the piece you cut out. Once it fits push it in up to the end of the pen leaving enough room to write.

Step 5: Your Done With the Pen!

The pen is mightier then the sword, and an arrow pen just makes it all the better! Depending one the pen that you took apart you could add the end piece of the pen to make it look a little nicer. I've never tried it but you could also 3D print an end piece. If you think of something to add let me know in the comments!

Step 6: Cutting and Measuring the Cross Bow Bolt

Before you cut the arrow shaft make sure it has the silver piece called the insert. This is the part that holds the arrow tip. I find that the best way to decide how long to cut the bolt is to take one you already have (if you don't have one then estimate) and measure it from the base of the tip down(this is because later you will add the tip). Then cut the arrow shaft down to the same size.

Step 7: Insert the Arrow Tip

Now simply screw the arrow tip into the insert. And your done! These bolts work the best for smaller crossbows. Remember to be smart with these since these can do a lot of damage, I am not responsible for any damages or injuries.

Note: After using these for a while i have found that it is important to either put a crossbow knock on the back or to place an insert into the back of the bolt. This prevents the shaft from wearing down the string.

Step 8: Make the Pieces for the Coaster

You can make yours as big or small as you want but I choose to use nine 3 inch (≈7.6cm) pieces. I ended up having to use 2 broken arrows in order get all of the pieces that I needed. To hold it all together I used paracord but almost any string should work.

Step 9: Making the Frame

Cut two pieces of string a little bigger then the size of the arrow shafts lined up next to each other. Then tie a knot on both ends of the string.

Step 10: Attatching the Pieces

Run a piece of paracord through one of the 3 inch pieces of the arrow and tie it to both pieces of rope cut out in the previous step. Continue to do this for all of the pieces of the arrow shaft. If you would prefer to, you can sew the pieces rather than tie them to the strings.

Step 11: You're Done With the Coaster!

This makes for a unique coaster that's perfect to set your drink on next time your shooting or just relaxing!

Step 12: Sizing the Blow Gun

How long you want to make the blow gun does not matter that much. I have found that you want it to be at least a foot and a half long for best result. Once you decide how long to make it go ahead and cut the shaft.

Step 13: Your Done!

It is that simple. I found that BB's work best to shoot but small wads of paper work well too.

Step 14: Thats All!

I've made and used several of all the projects I showed you and all of them work well and make great gifts to people into archery. I hope you enjoyed this instructable and found it to be useful. If you have any ideas, constructive criticism, or questions please let me know in the comment section! Also please make sure to vote for me.

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