Introduction: 4-in-1 Arduino LCD Shield Kit

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With this project, you will have at least four projects in one more the modifications that you do. This kit consists of an Arduino Uno, an LCD Shield, a USB-A to USB-B cable, & the needful codes so that you can work with this kit. While the main project is a counter with big numbers, you can also display messages and manipulate them so you will realize the benefits that this interesting kit has in its unit for learning about Arduino LCD codes.

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Step 1: Bill of Materials

1 Arduino Uno R3 DIP Edition (Revision 3)


1 DFRobot LCD Shield for Arduino

Step 2: Completing the Project

For completing the project, you only need to mount the LCD shield on the Arduino Uno by matching each of the corresponding pins. Note that In this project, you will have four options to deciding from the following:

1) Hello World!





4) COUNTER with big numbers

Step 3: Working With Option 1: Hello World!

In this option, you will have the opportunity of seeing displayed a message:

Hello World! THANK YOU! Where you can reset-THANK YOU!

Code at:

Step 4: Working With Option 2: CLUB JAMECO

In this option, you will see a message:

CLUB JAMECO ARDUINO LCD Where you will have the possibility of manipulating the Buttons: Right, Left, Up, Down, & Reset (RST)

Code at::

Step 5: Working With Option 3: Happy Face

In this option, you will see displayed draws or shapes by representing Happy Faces throughout the two lines of your LCD that you will manage easily by doing Reset (RST) for displaying newly from Down to Up.

Code at:

Step 6: Working With Option 4: Counter With Big Numbers

In this step, you will be capable of generating Big Numbers in your Counter and you will move from one digit to four digit.

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