Introduction: 40,000 MAh Battery Hack

About: Nomad at heart.
I hacked my note 3 to take external battery via xt60 plug. With a 1S16P battery pack, it now powers my phone easily for 2 and a half days of use.

Step 1: Hack the Battery Pack

peel back cover, detach cells or cell, wire positive and neg to circuit board. cut up a few used credit cards or casino cards or those plastic cards that came in the mail to fill the blank.

Step 2: Connect Your Interface

forgot pictures. Just solder in xt60 plug to connect battery pack.

Step 3: Decoration

I didn't do this with mine, but I should. I was on a road trip and went to pump gas. I swear a police officer approached me thinking it was some sort of explosive device... After I explained it was my battery he drove away, but he looked upset. Sorry for the way it looks. A simple black bag over it would help.