Introduction: 45 Minute Simple Fleece Jacket

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This is a super fast way to make a jacket. I needed a cropped version for a Halloween costume, but using this tutorial it’s easy to customize your jacket length and sleeve length to your needs.

Note on fabric:
1. Something with some stretch will be more forgiving of not using a real pattern
2. This will not have a liner, so make sure the fabric is soft on the inside it it will be worn against bare skin
3. If you are concerned about how much fabric to buy, take the jacket you’ll use as a pattern to the fabric store with you.
4. Use a jacket that is similar in fabric type to the fabric you’ll be making the new one with


-sewing machine
-scissors or rotary cutter and mat
-measuring tape (optional)
-thread to match your fabric
-sharpie, pen, tailors chalk, etc. to mark fabric
-a jacket that fits the way you want the new one to fit

Step 1: Cutting the Back of the Jacket

Your jacket will have three pieces- a single cut of fabric for the back- which includes the backs of your arms /sleeves and two front pieces, one left and one right.
1. Fold your fabric with right sides together
2. Put your jacket on the fold, with the middle of the jacket lined up with the fold.
3. Make sure there is doubled fabric the full length of the sleeve and the length you want the torso to be.
4. Draw around the jacket, adding (roughly) a seam allowance, leaving a straight line if there is a standing collar. If you want a jacket to your hip, trace the torso of the original that long. If you want it cropped, stop the line on the side body where you want it to stop and draw a line across from the side body to the fold
5. Cut it out

Step 2: Cutting the Front Pieces

Cutting the front is similar to the back, only this time we’ll cut on doubled fabric that isn’t on a fold so we get two mirrored pieces.

1. Fold the fabric right sides together
2. Place your jacket on the fabric
3. Make sure there is doubled fabric under the entire part of the jacket you’ll be tracing
4. Trace the jacket, with similar seam allowance, again using a straight line instead of following a standing collar.
5. Because this is the front, we need to make sure the front and back are the same length. Measure your back piece from armpit to ‘hem’ Then use that length when tracing the front
6. Gently lift the jacket to mark the center front on your fabric.
7. Draw a line from the bottom of the front, to the top of the front along that center line. I eyeballed it, but you could use a ruler or yardstick to get a straight line
8. Cut out your fabric

Step 3: Pin and Sew

Pin your fabric with right sides together and sew around the sleeves and side body.

You’re done! You can add strips of fabric to tie together to hold the jacket closed, or add buttons, whatever you want!