Introduction: 45lb Takedown Recurve Bow From Scratch

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   This instructable will be two videos showing how to make a very nice takedown recurve bow from scratch. If you buy one that is professionally made it would normally cost you more than $100. But since you are the type of person who looks at instructables, you should make one yourself if you want one! It will cost much less and be a fun and creative experience.
   It is going to be made from PVC. Before you think "white pipe with a piece of string tied to it" look at the pictures! This is a quality recurve bow. PVC is still on it's way to earning the respect it deserves as a bow material. But if you are willing to give it a try and have an open mind for it I think you will be very pleased by the results it can offer at a low cost. PVC is fairly easy to work with too.
   A bow made this way will shoot 450gn-500gn arrows at 140-145 feet per second. Lighter arrows can be used for even faster arrow speeds. It has a smooth comfortable draw, and the cut to center arrow shelf / sight window helps it shoot as accurately and easily as any recurve bow.

The original video...
   This is a video I had made earlier this year. A few people asked me for a tutorial on how to make this bow so I gave them one.

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