4A Portable Power Bank

Introduction: 4A Portable Power Bank

Hi! I'm back with another project!

As the title suggested this is a handmade power bank which has a capacity of 4A. Why I built this will be reveal at the end.

Power Bank Description:

  • Can hold at least 4A
  • 3 USB Ports
  • Rechargeable
  • 2 LED in case of emergency. You can adjust their brightness with the potentiometer.
  • It's very light since the case is plastic.

Step 1: Set Up

This is the layout for the inside of the power bank.

Obviously you need at least 4 18650 batteries.

I got mine from eBay.


I also bought the 5V converter.


Note that I had to solder off the two usb ports and relocate them to where I want. If possible get a heatsink. In my case I used cable ties to secure the converters on the heatsink.

Also you need 2 LEDs (optional)

I'll show you what they look like in the next page...

Step 2: Cover Up the Bottom

I just used 4 screws to secure the base.

Step 3: LED

LEDs demonstration...

Step 4:

This power bank is perfect to bring with me on a camping trip to recharge my phone or this flashlight. If you're interested I would love to go over how I made this...

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    6 years ago

    Can you post step by step instructions on how to make this?


    6 years ago

    Nice! How do you recharge it?

    Do you have an Instructable on the flashlight?

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Nice DIY power bank. Perfect for power outages and emergencies.