Introduction: 4th of July Cake!

This is the simplest way to decorate a cake for the fourth of july. Unfortunately I only have one picture but I will be doing this again this year and so I will add some more pictures.

To do this, you simply use blueberries in the corner put in straight lines for the stars part. Then you make the red stripes with raspberries. And finally, add white stripes by making a white shell with a Wilton star tip. If you arn't into cake decorating, you can use raspberries covered in powdered sugar. This design takes like 5 minutes and it looks great.

For the baking of the cake, the most amazing flavor combination is white cake with buttercream frosting and a filling that is made of fresh raspberries mashed with a  fork with sugar. And with the fruit thats on top for the decoration, the taste is delicious!

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