Introduction: 4x4x4 Multi Led Cube

hey guys
have you built one yet?
ive built a few and I will tell ya they are fricken cool.
The best bet i say is do multiple colours
like one layer one colour and so on.
I.chose green red blue and white.
Super easy arduino project to impress and friends

Step 1: Gather Ye Materials

A box for a template
64 leds... or more just in case
perf board
solder gun
4 100k resisters
20 jumper wires
paper clips
a box or housing unit

Step 2: Make the Template

Make a template
this makes your cube look. 2 legit to.quit
I just guess with the spacing by judging how much of overlap of the diode i requred. So make your spacing how you want.

Step 3: Prepare Materials

Bend your leds.
take tge long end bend it 90 degrees away from you. the short leg bend to the left andthen bend down. youll see it pics

Step 4: Place Leds in the Template

solder a row or four together all the negatives. then repeat three more times.
strip paper clips and place cross ways over finished 16 led so all negatives are connected. So the pins sticking up are the positive pins.
Next do another layer the same way.
when finished solder all layers together.

Step 5: Place the Cube in Perf Board

all positive pins in perf board.
the four layers now need to be connected as well.
connect a wire from each side pin
to a resistor.
solder 16 jumper wires to each postive pin