Introduction: 5 Amazing Science Tricks to Make With Your Friends!!!

These are 5 amazing simple tricks that you can perform at home and you need to know. Are so easy and funny this Life hacks!!!

Step 1: No-leak Magic Bag

You need is a zip baggy, bamboo skewers and water. Fill the bag almost to the top. Zip it shut, and start sticking bamboo skewers through the bag. Sometimes a few drops will leak out, but overall, this is a simple yet impressive trick!

Step 2: Printing Coin Picture on a Paper

You need is a pencil ( not a pen ), piece of paper and coin. Set a white piece of paper on top of the coin where you would like the coin's impression to be. Hold the paper down firmly with your hand. You want to make sure it is still and stays in the same position the whole time you are creating the rubbing. This way, the impression will be clear, and not blurred.
Using either the side of a pencil or a colourful crayon, rub back and forth across the surface of the coin as it sits underneath the paper. An impression of the coin will begin to appear. Make sure you rub carefully, as you don't want to tear the paper. Continue rubbing until the entire impression of the coin is showing up on the paper. You can rub lightly for a soft image, or rub a bit longer for a darker image. You can repeat with the other side of the coin using another part of the paper. Then try it with all of the other coins you gathered!

Step 3: Soap in Microwave

I put a soap into the microwave on high for about 2 minutes and watch it expand like crazy.
This is an old experiment that we have been wanting to try. The soap expands due to the pockets of air in the soap. It was an old myth that ivory soap got that way because they whipped the soap mixture too long causing the soap to contain little pockets of air. So that is supposedly why it is the soap that Watch what happens when we do it!

Step 4: Experiment With Water Drops

This super simple science experiment requires only a penny, some water, and a dropper (or syringe). I show you how could carefully squeeze drops of water at a time onto the top of the penny, and the droplets would combine to form a bubble of water.
WHAT'S HAPPENING? Water has a high surface tension. Surface tension helps a drop of water hold its shape. If the coin is dry and flat, the water can be added until it’s almost twice as high as the coin itself.

Step 5: Magic Eperiment

Fill up the a glass with water, keep a paper over the glass and keep the palm of your hand paced on the paper and turn the glass upside down and let it go. The card remains attached to the rim of the glass and does not allow the water to flow out. BOOM!!!!!
WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN : This happens because the air pressure exerted on the paper from underneath is greater that the weight of the water inside the glass. This is why the card manages to hold up the water not letting it spill out. Feel the magic!!!