5 Awesome Egg Experiments




Introduction: 5 Awesome Egg Experiments

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Today, I'm going to show you some experiments using the infamous egg!

Step 1: Silver Egg

In this experiment, you will need a single egg, thongs, a lighter, and a cup filled with water. Grab the egg with the thongs. Now with the lighter, start burning the egg to create soot all around the egg. You will end up with a black egg. Grab the cup filled with water and gently place the black egg into the water. You went from a white egg, to a black egg, to the end result of a silver egg!

Step 2: Rubbery Egg

Grab a single egg, a glass jar, and a bottle of vinegar. Fill the jar with vinegar about half way. Place the egg gently in the jar. Close the lid and let it sit on the shelf for one to three days. Note: we left our egg on the shelf for three days. Basically, you will know its time to open the jar, when the shell has dissolved. Get a bowl to pour the vinegar into and gently handle the new egg. Place it on a paper towel and softly dab the egg to get it dry. You will notice the egg has expanded to twice the size. It has a rubbery texture. You can even see that it's translucent, but handle it with care; since you can see from the video it's not indestructible!

Step 3: Changing Shapes

Find a cylinder glass, and a single egg. Fill the cylinder close to the top with water. Before inserting the egg into the glass, take notice of the oval shape. Now go ahead and insert the egg in the cylinder. Take another look, the egg is almost a perfect circle!

Step 4: Making an Egg Stand

This experiment is not about selling eggs like a lemonade stand, it's about making an egg stand on a surface. Go ahead a try to make it happen. Try the bottom, try the top, unless you get lucky and find an oddly shaped egg it will be impossible to make an egg stand on it's own. Here's the secret, grab some fine salt and pour a little bit on the surface. Now try to make the egg stand. The fine grain from the salt is enough to hold the egg up on it's own!

Step 5: Bodybuilding Egg

You can't actually make an egg put on muscle, but eggs are actually strong to begin with, and we are going to test just how strong they can be by using some weights. Grab a single egg, some weights, and two small rolls of tape. Place one roll of tape on the table and place the egg inside the roll. Take the second roll of tape and place it on top of the egg. The egg should be sandwiched in place between the two rolls of tape. Note: Make sure the three items are lined up and nothing is leaning. Slowly start to add weights on top of the tape roll. Adding increments of 5lbs will make it look very impressive. We should 10lbs weights. Check out the video to see how much weight the egg handled before losing the olympic gold medal and ending its career!

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    5 years ago

    I can't remember exactly what I had students do but is a method with molasses and possibly another ingredient but it disolves the egg shell but then the egg more than doubles in size and is see through....


    5 years ago

    Does the vinegar change the flavor of the egg? I am thinking that it would be fun to make a shell-less soft boiled egg.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Yes! The vinegar eats away the shell and the egg just soaks in the vinegar. Unless you like the taste of vinegar than it would be a bonus!