Introduction: $5 Gorrilapod Flashlight Mount

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I've been wanting to make a flashlight mount on a tripod for a long time, And finally now I've made a tutorial on how to make one for $5!

Step 1: What You'll Need

The are notes In the picture explaining what you'll need

EBay Links:

Flexible Gorillapod Tripod $2

Flashlight Mount $3.21

18650/3XAAA Zoomable Flashlight $4.72 (I highly recommend it)

Step 2: Place the Speaker Basket on the Tripod Head

Hot glue the basket to the Tripod head (Picture 3)

It should end up looking like Picture 4, I also added glue on the bottom to improve the strength of the connection.

Step 3: Mark the Tube

I measured and marked (white-out works best) the plastic tube about 4 centimeters (1 1/2 inches) from the edge using a ruler, It doesn't have to be very accurate. The shorter the better, But it has to be big enough for the flashlight holder to hold on.

Step 4: Saw

I used a clamp to hold on to the tube while sawing it, And after that I used a file to flatten out the rough edges.

Step 5: Back to Work on the Tripod

Place the tube on to the speaker basket with the sawed part facing down and hot glue it tightly, As seen in Picture 2

Step 6: Last Step

Place the flashlight holder on to the tube (As seen in Picture 1)

After It fits snug tighten the screw and the nut and... YOU'RE DONE!!!

Step 7: This Can Be Used for Many Kinds of Different Sized Flashlights!

Step 8: It Is Pretty Useful...

This has many uses: Camping, Reading , Extra Light For Soldering, Photography, And More!

Just like a regular flashlight, But, Frees one hand, And doesn't shake annoyingly like when hand-held, Well... The same advantages as a camera tripod!

Step 9: More Pictures!!!

Step 10: Thanks for Watching!!!

I hope you've enjoyed my Instructable,If you're interested in more projects like this one make sure to visit my Instructables page!

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