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Introduction: 5 Fall Room Decor Diy!!

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Hey, guys, so since fall is here fulltime now, I decided it was about time to make some DIY fall room decor!! I hope you will like the room decor and maybe try some of them out yourself!:D

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPUPW-noYpw

Step 1: Diy FALL Room Decor!!

Okay so to start off we are going to spice up our blanket with some colours!

To make the pom poms trace two circles on a piece of cardboard, then you can cut that out, and make a symmetric circle to the one you made first.

Now you can start to wrap the yarn around it when you feel like you’ve wrapped enough yarn around it (depending on how full you want your pom pom to be), you can take a pair of scissors and cut the edges.

Now cut off an extra piece of the yarn, wrap it around the threads and tie a knot. Then you can just lay out your pompoms onto your blanket and tie or glue them in place.

Step 2: Sweater Throw Pillow

Okay so to make this super cute throw pillow, everything you need is a pillow and a sweater. This is really easy, everything you have to do is dress the pillow in the sweater, and tie the arms around it in a knot. I also took the lengths of the arms that was left showing and tucked them underneath the arm slops:)

Step 3: Hanging Leaves

So, for this leave wall decor, everything you need is some strong tape, fake leaves, yarn, and some wooden clips. You can start with hanging up the yarn, where you want it to be. After that just hang on the leaves, as many as you want, or as few as you want:)

I really like this because it looks like I used a long time hanging up all the leaves, but it actually just took me a few minutes.

Step 4: Wrap Pillow

So back for another throw pillow. For this I just took a pillow I had laying around and then I wrapped some fall colored yarn around it, and you have a unique and cool throw pillow that no one has.

This is also super easy to switch up for other colorous and for other seasons!

Step 5: Snuggle Basket

So, in the fall time, it´s super cozy to wrap up in cozy blankets and snuggle up watching a movie. Therefore I decided I would include this blanket basket:)

I started with painting on "snuggle up" with white paint on a piece of black paper. I went over some of the letters for a double layer of paint the places it was a bit patchy.

After that, I glued the note to a piece of scrapbook paper and cut around the edges to make it fit. cut it out. Then a punched two holes in the note so I could pull a piece of yarn through it to hang it on the basket.

I also wrapped some yarn around the top part of my basket for an extra little touch:) After that, you can just fill the basket with a bunch of different blankets and pillows, and now you will always have something extra to make you feel even cozier in the fall time:)

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