5 Funny Pranks to Make Friends and Family

Introduction: 5 Funny Pranks to Make Friends and Family

I teach you how to make 5 fun and easy pranks to laugh with family and friends and have a good time.

Step 1: Vinegar Water Prank

This prank is to add approximately 100 ml of natural vinegar to the refrigerator water container.

So, when someone is served a glass of cold water will take this unpleasant surprise.

Step 2: The Prank of the Fly in the Soup

The prank is to stick with silicone a plastic fly of those that sell for halloween to the tip of a spoon and place it in the soup of a relative or friend without realizing it.

We will laugh a lot when we see his reaction when he discovers this bug in his soup.

Step 3: The Prank of the Damaged Lotion

This prank is to take the lotion of a friend or brother and put a small steel nut just below the balbula where the liquid comes out.

Step 4: The Prank of Ice Cream or Block of Ice

For this prank we will take the ice cream container from the refrigerator when it is ready to finish and we will fill it with a good amount of water.

So, when someone wants to serve a delicious portion of ice cream will take this fun surprise.

Step 5: Prank of Sour Milk Glass

This fun prank is to add a few tablespoons of cornstarch to a glass of water and stir them until the mixture matches a delicious glass of milk and offer it to a friend or family member with delicious cookies.

We can not stand the laughter when we see his face when he tastes his milk when he finds this surprise.

Step 6: Video With the Step by Step of Each of the Pranks

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