Introduction: 5 Great PC Computer Pranks

Here are five great computer pranks to pull on your friends for April Fools day.

Step 1: Remap the Keyboard

This prank remaps letters on the keyboard to other letters. For instance, you can change the "i" key to type a "g" everytime someone presses it. Here are the steps:

1. You must download a free application from RandyRants called SharpKeys and install it.
2. Launch the application and click the "Add" button to add a new keymap.
3. Select the key that you want to map from the column on the left and choose the key that you want o map it to from the column on the left.
4. Click "Write to registry" and either logout or restart the computer to commit the changes.

To remove this prank, just open up the Sharpkeys program again and select the keymap you created and hit the "Delete" button. Then hit Write to Registry and restart again.

Step 2: Change "Autocorrect" Settings

This prank changes the settings in the Autocorrect feature found in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook:

1. Open up Microsoft Word or Outlook and find the Autocorrect settings in options (the location of it varies depending on which version you have).
2. You can choose any word to be replaced by any other word you may want. For example, you can chose to have the word "the" replaced by the word "idiot".
3. When you have created an autocorrect rule, click the Add button and then click OK.

Now when anyone types the word "the", it is going to be replaced by "idiot" automatically. To remove this prank, just remove these rules from the autocorrect settings.

Step 3: Hide the Start Menu

This prank removes the start menu from windows taskbar.

1. Download the free program "StartKiller".
2. Once it is installed, it will automatically run and remove the start menu. However, the start menu can still be accessed by hitting the "Windows" key on the keyboard.
3. To get this prank to start up whenever the computer starts up, you can place a shortcut to the program in the computers "StartUp" folder.
4. To exit this prank, find the StartKiller icon in the system tray (shaped like a knife), right click on it and select "Exit".

To remove it, just go into the Add/Remove programs option from the control panel and remove StartKiller.

Step 4: Vista Upgrade Prank

This prank fools the user into thinking their computer is being forced to upgrade to a new version of Vista, whether they want it or not. Very convincing.

1. Download the free Vista Upgrade prank from RJL Software.
2. To get it to start up with the computer, you can unzip it to the StartUp folder.
3. Once the program launches, there is no way to get out of it until it is finished (unless ending the process through task manager).
4. When it is finished, just double click on the final screen to exit the application.

To remove this program, just delete it from the computer.

Step 5: Screen Color Prank

This application messes with the screen contrast and resolution colors.

1. Download the free "ScreenScrew" application from RJL Software.
2. Unzip the applicaton to the Startup folder. Now when the computer is restarted, the program will automatically launch.
3. To quit the program, move the mouse to the upper left corner of the screen and it should exit.
4. As an alternative, you can hit Ctrl + Alt + Del on your keyboard and bring up the task manager. Then click on the Processes tab, select screenscrew.exe and hit "End Task".

To remove this prank, just delete it from the computer.