Introduction: 5 Inch LCD Touch Screen Raspberry Pi OctoPi 3D Printer Control Center

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Since I got my new 3D printer, I have

always been looking for an image to remote control it and set my laptop free. Lucky for me, I have found it: Octopi can help me achieve this goal by remote control my 3D printer anywhere. I would love to share this great kit with you guys.

I want to have a mini control center to make it work. That is why I have chosen Raspberry Pi 3 Model B to work with a 5-inch touch screen. My brother VCbear helped me design a shield to place all the parts together.

Here is a full list of the parts you need to make this kit:

1, A Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Board

2, A 16G TF Card to store the operating system

3, A 3D Printer (You may purchase one from or eBay)

4, A USB Cable wire to help connect your Pi to the 3D printer

5, A 5V 2.5A Power Supply to boost your Raspberry Pi 3

6, A 5 inch GPIO Touch Screen to control the printing easily

7, A 3D printed Case for the Pi

8, A HDMI converter module

9, Some screws and a screwdriver.

As I have got the 3D printer, I have got everything else from this seller:

Feel free to check them out. The best thing about this kit is that they have got the Octoprint system for you. When you get everything ready, here is the detailed manual to help you get it done step by step:

Step 1: Print the Case

Download the STL file from this link:

and print it by yourself.

Step 2: Assemble the Touch Screen and Raspberry Pi

Put the touch screen into the case and

press the screen carefully. Then connect your raspberry Pi and the touch screen by HDMI converter like the attached picture. Be careful not to plug the GPIO pin into wrong position.

Step 3: Connect Your Pi to 3D Printer With the USB Cable

Insert the TF card and connect the

Raspberry Pi to a 5V 2.5A power supply. As the kit I have got included a preloaded image, I do not need to burn it again. If you want to set it up all by yourself, please download the image from this link: OctoPi Latest Image. Please be patient as you need to deal with a lot of setup programs and modifications of the configuration to make it work. Finally, you need to install octoPiPanel to show details of your 3D printer's status. If you want save all the trouble, you may purchase a preinstalled 16G TF card here:

Step 4: Calibrate Your Touch Screen

You will need to calibrate your touch

screen after you get it. It is not hard if you follow the instructions here:

Calibration instruction

Step 5: Have Fun!

If you have finished the above 4 steps, congratulations,

you have got your own 3D printer remote control center. I have tried it with my own 3D printer which is REPGO and it works very well. Now I get to explore all the fun of 3D printing. I wish you enjoy it as much as I do. Feel free to contact me if you have any question regarding to this kit. I am more than happy to help.

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