Introduction: 5 Life Hacks to Use a Glue Gun

Step 1: Hack #1 - How to Clean the Glue Gun With Aluminum Foil!

My glue gun is one of my most used DIY tools. I use so often!!!
With all of the various projects I use it on, it ends up getting gunky. Between the glue itself and the rest of the supplies I use, like glitter and a lot of stuff gets stuck to the tip of the glue gun. To keep my glue gun clean so that the gunk doesn’t get onto each new project, I occasionally use this new fangled contraption – a ball of aluminum foil. I plug in the glue gun to heat it up. Then, I very carefully push the ball of aluminum foil onto the nozzle and twist it around to wipe it clean. Be careful not to actually touch the tip with your fingers, and use a lot of foil so that it protects your fingers from the heat of the gun.
It’s not necessary to clean the glue gun after every project.

Step 2: Hack #2 - Hot Glue Ring – a DIY Jewelry Experiment!

First rub the tube of glue stick with body cream was to help the glue come off. And then I use hot glue gun to draw either shapes, dots or swirls the on tube of glue stick in shapes of ring.
Allow the glue to cool completely and then peel off of tube of glue stick. I had the brilliant idea of using rhinestones on clear glue. This ring is so beautiful and easy idea!!

Step 3: Hack #3 - Glue Gun Trick

If something wobbles...add a little extra glue to balance it out or if something hitting into something else...add a little hot glue to act as a bumper.
Hope this comes in handy!

Step 4: Hack #4 - You Can Also Paint Over Your Designs to Create Custom Jars.

All you need is a glass vase/jar/cup/wine bottle, a hot glue gun and 2 of sprays paint. Well it might actually take you a few minutes to decide what pattern you will make on the vase with the glue.
Set your glue gun on medium or low and have plenty of back up sticks. Slowly follow you pattern. Don't worry if you mess up, when the hot glue dries you can simply peel it off. Take outside to a ventilated area and apply two coats on the outside of the vase with spray paint. I used a golden paint and let it dry about 5 minutes and then I used a pink paint between each coat to avoid drips.
Set upon a shelf to admire or gather a handful of flowers and give to your mother or do what ever you like with it :)

Step 5: Hack #5 - How to Resize a Ring With Glue Gun?

Got a loose ring? This genius hack lets you easily size down a ring with just some hot glue. Work on parchment or wax paper. It's not permanent as you can peel off the glue. A good solution for rings which you want to wear on different fingers.
This is just a temporary hack. It won't hurt solid metal rings but it might well take off the plating of cheap rings. So be warned. There are some other products on the market like the silicone one linked below. However, the best way is to get a professional jeweler to resize rings.