Introduction: 5 Min Agility Ladder Workout

This quick & intense agility ladder interval cardio workout uses 5 fun agility ladder body weight exercises to help you get a fun yet heart pumping cardio workout. You can easily burn over 10 calories per min. Each round is 5 min and you can repeat this 3 times for an intense 15 min HIIT cardio workout.

Workout Format:

15 sec rest, 45 sec work, 5 exercises repeat 3 times

Exercise info and time stamp for each exercise:

Ladder Lateral Ski Jump: 0:58

Ladder Star Jump + Hop Back: 1:57

Ladder Chest Opener Jack: 2:59

Ladder Plank Jump + 1 Squat Hop: 4:00

Ladder Low Plank Walk: 5:02

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