Introduction: 5 Min Home Workout

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A lot of people ask me: “Isa, how can I fit in exercise with my busy schedule? I don’t have a gym.” or “How can I work out during business trips — who has the time?”

The answer is simple:

Take 5 — the best 5 Minute Workout you’ll ever do. And the best part? You can do it anywhere. In a tiny hotel room, you can do this fast and simple (notice, I did not say easy) routine!While the kids are watching TV, you normally take a break anyway, right? Do this while they’re occupied!If you normally blow off steam with retail therapy, do this instead and save money!Set you alarm 5 minutes earlier than usual — and don’t worry, you’ve got this. Or like me, squeeze this routine in right before you go out with friends.

Besides building tone, a 5 minute workout keeps your blood flowing to your brain, making you more alert. Even if you already workout regularly, adding an extra 5 minutes to your day can boost your brain power and stave off dementia. As a rule, tighten your muscles and hold in your abs with each movement.

Aim for 20 repetitions each. For a 5 minute workout, just follow along with the video. If you’re ready for 10, rinse and repeat. Keep in mind: If you find these moves too difficult, I’ve added modifications below. Everyone has to start somewhere, and everyone can (and will) improve! Above all, never give up!

Modifications — The Best 5 Minute Workout:

Basic squats: Do these with a sofa behind you, or hold onto a pole.

Lunges: If this is hard on your knees, hold on to the back of a chair and lower your back leg down slowly.

Plié squats: Hold onto a chair or pole and start with more shallow squats.

Pushups: Start on your knees, straighten your back like a board, lower down slowly.

Mountain Climbs: If this hurts your upper back, try marching in place, knees up high.

Lastly, there’s the roll-up-stand-up exercise. Yeah. You might want to try reverse sit-ups: Start upright and lean back a few inches, return upright. Another good option is the yoga “boat pose”.

That’s it. As you progress and these get too easy, add more repetitions. Sure, that will increase the timing a bit. However, soon you’ll be able to do these faster, just like the video above. It’s be a well-deserved 5 minute break. Moreover, it will make you alert and put you on top of your game — at work, and wherever life takes you. I hope you enjoyed your well-earned 5 minute break.

For more routines, check out my Youtube series: Bikini Project @isamelofit My youtube channel Likewise, you’ll discover tips on staying fit while traveling the world. Until then… Stay fit, wherever life takes you!

xoxo, Isa Melo

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