Introduction: 5 Min, One Size Ring, ANYONE Can Make

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While messing around today, I made this ring that is incredibly simple. It amazed me. The only downside is its only one size. in this "destructable" I will tell you how to make a cool ring out of a bearing! I hope you enjoy making this ring!

HUGE DISCLAIMER... It is my hard and fast rule that I never follow Instructables completely! (unless its dangerous) Why you ask? Because if we always follow the beaten path how will we EVER learn how to do things different or more exiting? That's why I encourage you to take my work and make it stronger, or in any way better. Then let me know in the comments below!


Step 1: Get a Bearing

Find a bearing! really any kind will do except its has to have a plastic spacer for the balls inside! You can grab one from an old skateboard, scooter or fidget spinner! or even grab one from your big brothers board... on second thought, that's a bad idea.

Step 2: Pop Out the Plastic Insert

Mine already was missing the plastic insert so it was easier. BUT the insert has to be plastic otherwise it would come out with any fast and easy tools.

Step 3: Move the Bearings

With a small screwdriver slide the, now loose, bearing balls over to one side so that they push the inner ring over.

Step 4: Now You Pop It Out!

Now you pop it out! ... do you hear an echo?

Step 5: Congrats!

You finished! I hope you enjoyed this instructable and my horrible humor!

P.S. If you want then you can engrave something on the ring!

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