Thank You Card



Introduction: Thank You Card

Quick and easy card.

What's really great about this project is that you can use those scrap papers that you've been hoarding somewhere in your craft room - no one wants to throw those beautiful-precious patterned papers.

Step 1: Watch Video

Step 2: Materials


Strips of scrap papers




Craft knife or scissors


Scoring tool (optional)

Step 3: Card Base

Place your cardsctock portait mode. Mark at 4 2/16 inches and then cut your in half using craft knife or scissors. You'll get two pieces of card base in one piece of cardstock.

Step 4: Top Fold Card

Mark the card base in half and score and then fold the card base in half, making a top fold card base.

Step 5: Design

You need 6 strips of scrap paper. Cut 3 pieces in 1 by 10 cm and 3 pieces 1 by 8 cm. Add glue at the back of the strips. Adhere the strips alternating the long and short strips.

Stamp a sentiment at the bottom of the card base.

Congratulations you have completed the project!

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