Introduction: 5 Minute Decorative Window Gift Bag EZ!

Looking for something to put your gift in and you're in a hurry well this is the project for you!  This instructable details how to create an easy gift bag with a decorative window. this is my entry in the epilog contest so please vote comment and rate

Step 1: Tools and Materials

* scissors
* Decorating scissors (optional)

* Clear Packing Tape
* Brown Paper Sack
* Decorative Cookie Sprinkles

Step 2: Folding and Cutting

first fold the whole bag  in half lengthwise and cut a half heart shape. be careful not to cut into the sides and you should go to the middle like in the pic. Then unfold the bag it should look like picture 2

Step 3:

put a strip of packing tape on the inside of the bag make sure that it is as wide as the heart, put some sprinkles on the tape from the outside of the bag the make sure they are flat, then put another piece of tape on the outside to make a pocket with the sprinkles in it. then do it to the other heart on the other side

Step 4: Optional Part

with the decorative scissors you can cut the top of the bag to make it more personalized

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