Introduction: 5 Minute Handlebar Camera Mount!

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This "ible" came out of a desire to capture cool video when on a bike. I got what I wanted but the video is rather shaky.

Step 1: Part!!!!!

-1 of those bike reflectors that mounts on a handlebar.
-1 small bolt that fits in the tripod mount hole on your camera.
-A camera.

Step 2: Remove the Reflector.

Tthe first step is removing the reflector. Mine was attached on by a small screw. If yours is attached in any other way, just remove the reflector. If your hole isn't big enough for the bolt them drill it out. The same applies if you don't have a bolt hole.

Step 3: Attach Camera.

Slide the bolt through the hole, put on the washers, (If needed), and tighten on the camera. Make sure that the camera is nice and secure. When you put the camera on the bike, tie the safety rope on the camera onto the bike. Finally, put the camera on the bike, start recording and bike away with your new camera mount.

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