Introduction: 5-Minute-Project: Ultra Simple PVC Wire De-clutterers

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While enjoying a week of holiday with my grandparents , I picked a selection of gadgets and carried those with me .

My Kaoss Pad , several RCA cables , Chargers , Earphones , All and every one had a lot of messy and disorganized cables .

While I was "Inspectioning" my GP's shed i Found some 3/4" PVC pipe , and the Idea came in .

In this instructables I'll teach how to make some Quick and Dirty Pvc

I took most of the picture with my iPhone .

Step 1: What You Need to Found

A Piece of 3/4" inch PVC ( yet 1/2" , 1" may work )

PVC cutters or similar tool (a.k.a. Hacksaw) ( dig in the toolbox , I know what i'm saying!)

Some kind of wire to de-clutter (du'h)

Step 2: Clean the PVC

You Don't know how many weeks(years!?) has that ol' Piece of PVC .

Use some Dish Soap to clean it

Step 3: Measure Once, Cut Once the PVC

An Inch or half works Efficiently.

Use the cutting appliance and cut that .

Step 4: Cut Half Lengthways

Follow the Picture

Step 5: Coil a Little Bit the Cables

Using your hand make a wide-ish coil with the cable

Step 6: Insert the Coil Thru the Pipe

Self Explanatory

Step 7: Repeat Process

Repeat the Process a necessary (ie for each of your cables)

And Enjoy the view!