Introduction: 5 Minute Stir-Fried Spicy Tofu and Beans

As a student I have not the time to cook and now that I'm off of school for a little while, I decided I should start cooking healthier foods. However, I do not have any cooking skills whatsoever. This guide is dedicated to those students. It's time for us to eat better and begin taking care of our bodies, otherwise, one day it will give up on us. And this day may come sooner than we expect.

This is a quick and easy 3-5 ingredient recipe (depending on your take on it) made to be easy-to-cook for those of us who have a talent for overcooking and undercooking food (sometimes at the same time).

As I discover more healthy and delicious, easy meals, and progress through the ladder of student budget "chef cooking." I'd like to share more to this community for others that are in the same boat.

Step 1: Ingredients

* Medium Firm Tofu

* Oil or Butter or Margarine

* Canned Beans in Molasses


* Salt

* Hot Sauce

Kitchen Tools

* Knife and Cutting Board

* Pan

Step 2: Preparing the Tofu

* Drain the water

* Rinse the Tofu

* Slice the Tofu to uniformly-sized cube pieces.

Step 3: Cooking the Tofu

* Heat the pan on medium heat

* When hot, add some oil to the pan or melt the butter/margarine

* Add the tofu in the pan and stir fry it

* When the one side is light golden brown, salt it, and then flip it (do this for all sides)

* It is done cooking when both sides are light golden brown in colour

* Set the tofu aside

Step 4: Heating the Beans

* Open the canned beans and pour half of it onto the pan, get as much molasses in the pan as you can

* Lower the heat to low heat

* Mix in the Tofu

Step 5: Adding the Condiments

* Add the hot sauce and other condiments of your choice (like soy sauce)

* Stir it and serve

Enjoy your meal and stay healthy!

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