5 Simple IPhone Hacks




Introduction: 5 Simple IPhone Hacks

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Step 1: Settings in One Swipe!

Want to turn of wifi or turn on Bluetooth without going into settings? Simply swipe up from the bottom of your screen for simple tools!

Step 2: Do Not Disturb

Don't want to be bothered by texts or phone calls but still want data or wifi? Turn on Do Not Disturb! Do not disturb blocks you from annoying calls and texts while busy (Crescent icon in picture).

Step 3: Unlimited Folders!

Tired of putting all your apps and games in a whole lot of folders? Now you can place all the apps you can into one folder! Isn't that neat?

Step 4: Burst Photos!

Tired of taking multiple pictures to get a perfect one? With burst photos you can take several pictures in a second!

Step 5: Siri Can Be a Male or a Female!

Want Siri to be a male? Well you can! Go into your settings -> general -> Siri -> Gender!

Step 6: Want More Hacks?

Want more weekly hacks? Follow me, like, or comment if you want more! Catch me on YouTube at pandabirdful or as NDfan329 on twitch. Enjoy!

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    4 years ago

    If you want to know all the life hacks you need you can always go on an app called tips in your iPhone which is already automatically installed when you buy your phone.