Introduction: 5$ Mini Singing Musical Tesla Coil Music Box !

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Love musical singing Tesla coils ,but don't know how to build them or it's too costly ! ,Well Today we're going to make a mini singing Tesla coil using very common modular parts ,which you can buy online for just 5 $ , and its very interesting project if you are electronics geek like me !

So Let's Get Started !

Musical Tesla coils generate high voltage pulses according to beats of the music , each bit of high voltage spark create an pressure wave which is similar to what speakers do . check out this article if you want to learn more !

Step 1: Safety First !

High voltage produced by these Tesla coils is very dangerous and may even be your last mistake in life ,so please take care yourself .

i Even noticed that my other electronics placed nearby the coil is acting a bit weird , so please keep your orecious devices away ! EMP from the Coil can damage your electronics permanently.

Step 2: The Process and Sound Test !

Here's How i made My Tesla Coil , lean back and enjoy the process and the sound test !

I Played Music's at Following Timestamps

1:58 SKRILLEX - Bangarang

2:32 Turn it down for what

Here's the Super Mario Song Played on Musical Tesla Coil !

Step 3: You Will Need !

Step 4: Connecting Everything Togather !

Every connection is written onto PAM 8403 amplifier board ,

1.Connect either battery or 5v to amplifier board

2. follow this layout to connect 3.5mm jack to amplifier

3. Connect high voltage generator at the output of amplifier, you can connect two for stereo effect .7 kv generator produces clean hiss sound whereas 700 kv generator creates loud bang sounds

4. if you want more power output you can use PAM 8610 amplifier board ,note class D amplifier works better for this purpose .

Step 5: The Fun Part !

Your Mini Singing Tesla Coil is Ready! Now Put HV wires close with a tape and you're ready to have fun.
Since it has standard 3.5 mm audio jack you can connect to any device here i have connected to a piano and its quiet fun to listen sounds through high voltage !

also i played some songs ,works really good

Let Me know your thoughts!

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